Kubmo Builders

Growing a Global Community of Women in Technology

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What we do, and where we came from

We are a group of technologists working with women's empowerment programs around the world to build and teach digital communication, design, and development.

In 2013, we met hundreds of women in Nairobi, Kenya who helped us understand the uses of technology and the spread of entrepreneurship in the developing world. We worked with MCDF to put on a workshop in Nairobi, where each woman received a smartphone, and created a business. This year we partnered with The Visionaria Network to build a technology program for young women in Cusco, Peru. Check out our curriculum on Github!

Technical skills, education, and a network of female leaders will lead to a strong global community of women in technology. There is a clear gender divide in the tech world. But we believe a skill-based education is an avenue to solve the problem, and want to bring that to as many women around the globe as possible.

If you are interested in working with us, or supporting us, please send a message below or contact us on any of our social media channels.

We are teaching women digital literacy to empower them to create their own businesses, pursue technical careers, and build a network of leaders around the world. Hard skills can unlock the power of independence.